Structuring repsol s acquisition of ypf s a

Hence it is fairly valued. Please place the order on the website to order your own originally done case solution. Apache's interest in the deepwater portion will remain at 67 percent, with Repsol retaining its 33 percent contractor interest.

Repsol-YPF seeks to achieve a balance between upstream and downstream operations, position itself as a market leader in Latin America, achieve operating and capital expenditure synergies and consolidate its business scale and financial strength.

Chiefly, one wants to look for evidence of over- or undervaluation of securities in the capital market. This case study must also be seen in the broader context of Spanish multinationals making eye-catching investments in Latin America at the end of the nineties, when they took over former state-owned companies in highly regulated sectors banking, telecommunications, energy.

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Looking across each row, the decision maker can determine which alternative dominates on each criterion. Therefore, Repsol is currently undervalued in the global equity markets because is market price is less than its intrinsic value.

The total cash flow effects Structuring repsol s acquisition of ypf s a the Repsol-YPF synergy are also shown in exhibit 2 in the appendix. It states that the downstream business which includes chemicals will contribute solid growth and stable cash flow for the company.

This compares financial structures on the basis of value creation. Central Time on Wednesday, Jan. The fluctuations in oil and gas prices by having no strategic fit without the expertise to run that advanced machineryresults in lower returns than expected for the company…….

The qualitative discourse analysis used for this study is based on the critical discourse analysis approach as proposed by Tienari, et al.

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Case Analysis We begin with the estimation of the value of the synergies, which would be created by this deal. As these examples suggest, such considerations tend to be more influential in smaller and privately held firms.

Repsol OKs $5 billion compensation deal with Argentina on YPF seizure

It also develops new business related with CO2 reduction and CO2 marketing, in particular carbon capture and storage. In addition to trial work, Steve is an accomplished appellate lawyer, and has successfully argued cases before the U.

The transaction will be funded with debt. Is the acquisition used as a catalyst to mobilize a moral discourse of national pride or, in contrast, to mobilize a moral discourse of national grief? Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution.

These also include awareness of the regulated prices and cartels going on in the economy by the suppliers which need to be monitored by the government to make the prices reasonable for consumers. If you're looking to connect with sales leads or do more in-depth research, you should upgrade to the Premium plan which allows more searches.

As oil and gas requires heavy machinery for extraction of oil and gas as natural resource for maximizing its profits but there are technological advancement going on in the company which needs to be evaluated by the company and make it free fromtechnologyrelated risks which include the uncertainty about the additional returns after the use of latest technology and heavy capital expenditure.

Adj PV Formula used by me: This is almost same to the price offered by Cortina to the shareholders of YPF. The inflation rate was consistently increasing and its foreign debt was at peak whereas, there wasa great depression and currency devaluation after the acquisition of YPF by Repsol which resulted in the crisis for the Argentine economy.

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Finance theory tells us that all else equal the value-maximizing capital structure is also that which minimizes the weighted average cost of capital. Finally, recommendations would be made to the management of Repsol Company based on the tradeoffs and the financial analysis performed.

Moreover, in the case of cross-border business actions, these national frames of reference provide the journalists with an opportunity to tap into the popular dramaturgic framework of international confrontation Kuronen, et al.

Through a series of acquisitions and concession agreements, the company has built a leasehold position comprising 13 million net acres, including the Repsol properties. On the other hand, there are substantial reserves owned by YPF because the production and the exploration of the oil are the main activities of the company.

Attached Excel sheet, Considering Country Risk, all debt financing gives the highest valuation of Repsol-YPF and variation due to risk is least in all debt financing offer.

What makes this corpus particularly interesting is that the two nations involved share a common history due to their colonial past. Two processing plants at Khalda have a combined capacity of MMcf of gas and 22, barrels of condensate per day.

More Spanish oil giant Repsol said Wednesday it had filed a class action lawsuit in a New York court against Argentina after the country nationalised the company's local unit YPF.Repsol was YPF’s controlling shareholder from However, upon expropriation of Repsol’s interest by the Argentine government inboth the ownership relationship between Repsol and YPF and Repsol’s indirect affiliation with.

Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. Publication Date: February 02, February 02, Repsol and YPF (B): Considering Options Case Solution. This case is about Business. Back inthe Spanish oil company Repsol purchased ninety eight percentage of the Argentine oil company YPF’s stocks for more than $ billion and changed its name to Repsol-YPF.

Repsol YPF has acquired the 28% stake owned by BP in the deepwater Shenzi field, in the Green Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico, for the price of $2, million (EUR 1, million).

This acquisition will increase the company’s probable and proven reserves (2P) and will boost Repsol YPF’s. Under the terms of the loan, the default was triggered by Repsol losing control of the company and the subsequent fall in YPF’s share price, according to a source close to the company.

The stock. Represented Repsol, S.A. in various lawsuits relating to Argentina’s expropriation of Repsol’s multi-billion dollar controlling interest in YPF, S.A., Argentina’s largest oil-company.

Represented holders of hundreds of millions of dollars of bank debt and bonds in the defunct Le Nature’s Inc., asserting claims against a major bank.

Structuring repsol s acquisition of ypf s a
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